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My Horse Android Prohozhdenie

The Mc is full of good intentions, thats nice and well written in that way but that make the story monotonous and too easy for the MC, it has no money problem, hes handsome with a horse dick and flirts with everyone in a snap of a fingerI get it that the dev said to not take it seriously (thx to him for comments) but in the long run that kind of story lost is interest if no major choices will really impact the story. You bang and breed everything around.

my horse android prohozhdenie

Hello! i dont use so often so this might be a dumb question but if i paid for the current version i will be able to download the PC and android version whenever i want? and does this give me access to the future updates or do i have to pay for it again?

So uhhh, for the cheat code on android, I clicked the purple vial on the top right but where do I enter the password (the screen just fades into white and then back to the main menu) or am I just doing things wrong

ive reached a point in the game where the menu options in the text bar have stopped loading in. im playing on android and cant figure out how to open the menu to save or load, is there anything i can do?

3D VR animation hentai video game Virt a Mate Fitness cute bodybuilder with a short haircut in a beautiful bra and fishnet stockings is chained around her arms and legs, gets deep in her throat and ass. Two horse members. Animated video from the game

Pumped oil naturally cannot be stored on the oil pumps and will have to be transferred. You will need to purchase a horse equipped with a cart to transport oil you mined to either store located at the ends of each map. Stores hardly keep a stable buying price and will continue to increase or decrease buying prices throughout the lease period. Selling at too low a price will naturally result in a net loss and you only other option is to hold on to your precious oil.

Holding off on selling, however, cannot be made with just horses. You will have to purchase a storage unit where you can keep the oil you mine. Note that oil kept in storage at the end of the lease period is deemed lost and will not be automatically converted to any monetary value. At the end of the lease season, which may vary depending on stage, your profits can be basically realized based on oil you have sold relative to expenses incurred.

For starters, having a good idea of just what exactly you can afford to ensure you will have enough cash to make your first sale and start earning cash back again is important. With dowsers only costing $100, oil pumps costing $350, and horses costing $150 each, you basically only need $600 to start selling oil that you mine along with the usual cost of pipes you need to lay out. Despite variances in pipe-laying costs, allocating $300 for the initial ones will be an appropriate enough budget.

The ratio is not always 1 is to 1 when it comes to oil pumps and horses. Keep a keen eye on just how fast oil is being pumped out of the ground and how fast your carriages fill up and take oil to stores or your storages. The tutorial that sends you through a linear approach towards purchases and the notion that there is a cycle across stages initially set you on a mindset of keeping everything paired up. There will be cases when you can have multiple oil pumps set up to suck oil from practically the same source. Likewise, there will be scenarios s well when 5 horses may tend to 2 separate oil sources.

This can primarily include having 2 or more oil pumps deployed over the same oil source when necessary. You can also upgrade pipes to be wider, or be able to split across to pump oil from different locations. Remember as well that you can always extend pipes further across different directions in pursuit of additional oil pockets beyond what you can see as a result of the initial pipes laid out. Keep in mind that you may have to employ additional horses as well for a more efficient transfer of oil from the pumps to the stores or storages.

In the panel with the horse, zoom out and pan back over to the studying boy. Zoom into his thought bubble to examine the horse constellation. Moving this panel will reveal more of the night sky in the other boxes, one of which contains a star that players can use to light the lantern by overlaying the lantern layer on top of it. With the lantern lit, players can zoom into the moth to reveal the yellow fruit symbol on its wings. Moving the panel will reveal the symbol beneath. Zoom out of this panel to reveal the statue of an angel holding the symbol. Zoom the entire way back out of Gorogoa's moth panel to return to the broken statue of the horse and pan to the right to set the panel back on the pointing statue. This will allow the boy with the bowl to continue into the next panel.

Level 168: To find all of the animals, tap the rabbits and the cat, then the horse, and the snake in the tree. Then move the snake over to the horse in order to scare it. Then tap the rat that falls out.

In the depths of the forest, the team come face to face with another grimoire clone - this time of Scherazard Harvey. They defeat the monster and its cohorts, retrieve Schera's Sealing Stone, and return to the Hermit's Garden to unseal her. After filling Schera in on the situation, the team return to Le Locle and head for the fourth locale marked on their map: Grimsel Fortress. Like their other areas, the fortress is somewhat different from its real world counterpart. It has a very different layout from the original, and is even more labyrinthine. In the depths of the fortress, the team encounter a grimoire copy of Agate Crosner accompanied by two anthropomorphic horse demons. They defeat the doppelganger and unseal Agate back at the garden.

The Kingdom of Aliahan The Golden Crown The Sleeping Village The Magic Key Black Pepper The Shrine of Dhama The Final Key Orochi The Village of Tedanki The Echoing Flute The House of Pirates The Navel of the Earth The New Town The Staff of Change The Phantom Ship The Sword of Gaia Necrogond The Phoenix The Castle of the Dragon Queen The Castle of Baramos Alefgard Rubiss Rainbow Bridge Castle of ZomaThe Kingdom of AliahanAt the beginning of the game, enter the castle and speak to the king of Aliahan. He will charge you to defeat the archfiend Baramos and will give you some gold.Talk to the people of the castle and the town to learn lots of useful information.Enter Luisa's Place on the west end of the town. You can add the three default characters that have been pre-generated to your party or you can go upstairs and create your own characters. Speak to the lady downstairs to add the characters you just created to your party.Leave Aliahan and fight enemies nearby to raise your party's levels and to earn gold to buy better equipment.Go northwest to find the town of Reeve. You can learn more useful information here and buy better equipment.Go south from Reeve and enter the cave in the forest. Pass through the cave to get to the Tower of Najima on the island.Climb the tower to the top and a man there will give you the Thief's key.Open all the wooden doors in Aliahan and Reeve with the Thief's Key to find useful items and information.An old man in the house in the northeast corner of Reeve will give you the Magic Ball.Go west from Reeve and approach the spring. Enter the cave behind the spring.Walk up to the wall between the statues and use the Magic Ball to open a passage to the stairs.Make your way through the next area and at the bottom of the next stairs you will see three passages each blocked by a large door. Enter the left passage and use the Thief's Key to open the door.Continue down the passage and step on the travel door to teleport to a new area.The Golden CrownLeave the shrine at the other end of the travel door and enter the castle of Romaly.Speak to the king and he will ask you to retrieve the Golden Crown which was stolen by Kandar.Go north from Romaly to the town of Kanave and then west to the Tower of Shanpane.Climb to the top of the tower and approach Kandar and his henchmen. Before you reach them, your party will fall down a hole to the level below. From this level go off the right side to catch up to Kandar. Defeat him and his henchmen.Once you defeat Kandar he will give you the Golden Crown if you let him go.Return to Romaly with the Golden Crown and give it to the king. In reward, he will make you the new king.Go to the fight ring under the weapons shop to find the king. Tell him you no longer want to be king and he will take over again.The Sleeping VillageGo to the town of Noaniels north of Kanave and you will discover that all the villagers are asleep. An old man in a building in the southwest will tell you that the Dream Ruby needs to be returned to the elves.Enter the cave west of Noaniels and descend to its depths. Halfway down you will find a Healing Spring which will restore your HPs and MPs if you stand in the middle of it.In the middle of the lake at the bottom of the cave you will find the Dream Ruby and a note from the elf princess Anne who had fallen in love with a human man.Leave the cave and enter the forest square near the cave that looks different then the squares around it to find the hidden village of elves. Give the Dream Ruby to the queen and she will give you the Wake Up Powder.Return to Noaniels and use the Wake Up Powder to wake up all the villagers. From some of the villagers you will here rumers that your father had been looking for a key in Assaram.The Magic KeyCross the bridge east of Romaly and then go south to the town of Assaram. You'll have to bargain with the some of the shopkeepers to get better prices but even then they are over priced.Go southwest from Assaram and cross the desert to the oasis. Approach the oasis from the south to find Isis.Enter the Pyramid north of Isis. Look out for traps which will drop you down a floor.On the third level, step on the square in the southeast corner of the floor and press the button. Press the button in the southwest corner and the barrier in the center of the floor will drop. Take the Magic Key from the chest. The Magic Key can open both wooden and metal doors.You can use the Magic Key to open the door on the fourth level to find some mediocre treasures but you will have to fight Mummy Men to get them.Black PepperReturn to Romaly and go northwest to the shrine. Use the Magic Key to pass to the other side. Go south from there to reach the town of Portoga.Speak to the King of Portoga and he will ask you to find some Pepper from the east for him. He will give you a scroll to give to Norud the Dwarf.Enter the Cave by Assaram and read the Royal Scroll in front of Norud. He will show you the secret pass which will allow you reach the other side of the mountains.So south and then east to find the town of Baharata. You will discover that the owner of the pepper store is gone because his daughter has been kidnapped.Enter the cave northeast of the town. Go two areas south, one west, and then go south. You way will be blocked even though you can't see what is blocking it. Use the Thief's Key or the Magic Key and you will then be able to continue south then east to the stairs.Defeat Kandar's henchmen and then push the button at the south end of the hall to free the prisoners.Return north and defeat Kandar and his henchmen when they block your way.Return to Baharata and the pepper shop owner will give you the Black Pepper.Give the Black Pepper to the King of Portoga and he will give you a ship. Leave the castle and you will find it in front of you.The Shrine of DhamaTravel north from Baharata to find the Shrine of Dhama. Any character but the hero may change their class if they are level 20 or higher. The character will start at level 1 in their profession but will still retain some of the abilities of their previous profession.To become a Sage, you need to have the Book of Satori which is found in the Tower of Garuna. The tower is just north of the Shrine of Dhama.When you get to the second rope in the tower, jump off, then fall into the hole on the next level, and then climb down the stairs. You will find the Book of Satori in a chest.Return to Dhama with the book and put it in the inventory of the character you want to become a Sage. Speak to the priest and Sage will be one of your choices.The Final KeySail south from Baharata to find the town of Lancel on an island. Buy an Invisibility Herb from the shop.Sail north from Portoga to reach the castle of Eginbear. Use the Invisibility Herb to sneak past the guard.The Vase of Drought can be found in the basement. To reveal the passage to it, you have to move the three boulders onto the blue tiles in the back of the room. If they are numbered one to three from left to right, push #1 up once, and right twice, push #2 right once, push #1 up four times and left once. Push #3 down once, then #2 left 3 times, up once, right twice, and up four times. Finally, push #3 up once, left 4 times, up once, right twice, up three times, right once, and up once.Sail north from Muor (north of Jipang) and eventually you will find some shoals. Use the Vase of Drought and a shrine will appear. Inside you will find the Final Key. This key can open all doors including jail doors.OrochiGo to Baharata and sail along the cost. Eventually you will find the town of Jipang on an island. The people are being terrorized by a beast named Orochi which demands human sacrifices.Enter the cave next to the town and fight Orochi on the lowest level.After you beat Orochi, follow it into the portal. You will appear in the palace in Jipang and you will see that Himiko was actually Orochi.Fight Orochi one more time and you will get the Purple Orb.The Village of TedankiSail to the village of Tedanki west of Baharata and south of Portoga and Isis. If you enter the town during the day, you will see that it has been destroyed and the villagers have been killed. If you enter during the night, however, all the villagers will be alive.Open the Jail cell at the north end of the village with the Final Key and the prisoner will give you the Green Orb.The Echoing FluteSail to the northeast continent and enter the mouth of the river in the southwest part of it. Work your way up the river to reach the town of Soo where you will hear about the Echoing Flute. Search beneath the village well to find the Staff of Thunder.Enter the Tower of Arp to the southwest east of the town of Muor.Climb to the top of the tower and then step off the ropes toward the center. You'll drop down to the third floor where you'll find the Echoing Flute in one of the chest. When you blow the flute, you will hear an echo when one of the Orbs is nearby.The House of PiratesAt the southern tip of the eastern continent you'll find the House of Pirates.Push the boulder on the east side of the building and search the ground underneath to find a hidden stairway. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find the Red Orb.The Navel of the EarthReturn to Lancel (sail south from Baharata) and use the Final Key to enter the shrine at the back of the town. The old man will only permit the hero to proceed.Follow the hallway out of the town and then enter the Navel of the Earth.Make your way down to the third level where you'll find the Blue Orb in a chest.Leave the cave and return to the town to be rejoined by your party.The New TownOn the east coast of the eastern continent, you'll find a field in a forest east of Soo. There you'll find an old man who wants to build a new town.Register a new Merchant at Luisa's Place in Aliahan and have him join your party. Speak to the old man in the field and have the merchant stay with him.As time passes, the town the grow larger. Eventually, they will throw the merchant in jail for his despotic ways. Speak to him there to learn that he has buried a treasure behind his throne.Enter the building in the northwest corner of the town and search behind the throne to find the Yellow Orb.The Staff of ChangeEnter the shrine northwest of Romaly, use the Final Key to open the jail door and enter the Travel Door. In the next shrine, enter the Travel Door on the right. You are now in the shrine in the kingdom of Samanao.Follow the path to Samanao. You will learn that the king has become mean and cruel.Enter the castle and use the service door on the right side to get in. Approach the king and you will be thrown in jail.Use the Final Key to open your prison cell and speak to the other inmates.Take the stairs to the lower level and in one of the cells you will find the true king.Enter the hidden passage in the west wall in the cell across from the king's and take the passage to get back to the town.Enter the cave to the southwest and descend to the second level. Enter the pit just to the south and take the Mirror of Ra from the chest.Leave the cave and return to Samanao. Enter the castle at night.Climb the northeast tower and jump off the top either to the west or the south.Enter the king's chamber and use the Mirror or Ra when facing the king. You will see the king's true form and will have to fight the Boss Troll.Once the Boss Troll is dead, the true king will be rescued from the prison and you will be able to take the Staff of Change from the chest.The Phantom ShipSail to the frozen island north of the eastern continent and enter the field on the south side of the island. Keep going north and eventually you'll find a house. Give the old man inside the Staff of Change in return for the Sailor's Thigh Bone.Use the Sailor's Thigh Bone to track down the Phantom ship and enter it.At the south end of the lower deck, you'll find the Locket of Love in a chest.The Sword of GaiaSail down the river at the north end of the large forest northwest of Muor.As you pass the channel at the Promontory of Olivia toward a shrine on an island you will hear a voice and be pushed back. As soon as you stop, use the Locket of Love to end the curse.Sail back through the channel and enter the shrine.Search at the foot of the bed containing Simon's corpse in the southeast corner of the jail to find the Sword of Gaia.NecrogondSail south from Assaram to to where you see a large black crater. Throw the Sword of Gaia into the volcano to create a path to the south.Head south and then west and enter the Cave of Necrogond.Make your way up through the cave. On the fourth level, go east from the stairwell and drop into the pit in sight of another stairwell. You can now make your way to the cave exit.Enter the shrine near the cave exit and receive the Silver Orb from the old man there.The PhoenixWith all six orbs in your possession, sail southwest from Lancel to a shrine on a frozen island of Liamland.Place the orbs on each of the six thrones and then talk to one of the elves and Ramia, the phoenix, will be reborn.Leave the shrine and climb on top of Ramia. You'll be able to fly anywhere in the world.Castle of the Dragon QueenFly Ramia to the castle surrounded by mountains northeast of Romaly.Enter the castle and speak to the Dragon Queen. She will give you the Sphere of Light before passing away.Castle of BaramosFly to Necrogond south of Isis and enter the Castle of Baramos on the island.Make your way through the castle until you finally reach Baramos. It can be a difficult fight because Baramos has a lot of


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