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Rajinder Da Dhaba Chicken Curry Recipe

I think I've finally nailed it. This Dhaba Style Chicken Curry is SO good. Its legit, as close as it gets to eating it in a dhaba. Spicy, fragrant with spices, big, bold flavours and really juicy pieces of chicken.

Rajinder Da Dhaba Chicken Curry Recipe

Dhabas, for the uninitiated are roadside restaurants scattered all over the country, and their food is unique. Hell, the experience is unique and is one you must have. Small mud shacks, with only chaarpai's (rope and wooden cots) and a wooden plank for a table, you'll find them as you drive along the highway. They are usually patronized by truck drivers and budget travellers who are looking for food which reminds them of home. Growing up, the highlight of any road trip was a stopover at a dhaba for steaming hot, spicy dhaba style chicken curry, dal fry or dal makhani and tandoori rotis fresh from the oven to mop it all up. These soul satisfying meals will always be etched on to my heart!

Of course, their chicken is more delicious than mutton, but the taste of their vegetarian food is also excellent. It was started by Rajendra Dua some four decades ago. Rajinder Da Dhaba is famous for its fish fry, mutton korma, chicken curry and naan. Even today, they make chicken curry here with the same recipe. Earlier, only non-vegetarian food was served here, but later, locals demanded vegetarian food, and since then, this cycle has continued. As a result of Rajendra's hard work, he has five luxurious restaurants in this market today.

Every type of food is available at Rajinder Da Dhaba but is especially praised for tandoori chicken, malai chicken, tangri kebab, chicken korma, fish fry, chicken curry, mutton korma. This food is so heavy, but its taste compels you to eat more and more. Apart from non-vegetarian food, there are many good options in vegetarian food such as dahi ke kebab, soya chaap and malai chaap.

Any Delhiite who is a foodie will never leave out Rajinder Da Dhaba from its list of best butter chicken places. From a small dhaba-style establishment to a full-fledged fine-dining restaurants with multiple outlets in a row, Rajinder Da Dhaba serves rich curries, juicy kebabs and masaledaar tikkas in town. Pair the creamy, orange butter chicken curry with a butter naan or wrap those malai chicken tikkas and kebabs in roomali rotis to have rolls.

Rajinder da Dhaba is one of the iconic eating joints of Delhi which has a huge fan following. Started as a road side dhaba in 1968 by Rajinder Kumar Dua, the unique taste and matchless quality of this outlet has made the popular choice for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. People from across the world have come to Rajinder da Dhaba for their Afghani chicken and dal makhni. (Image Courtesy: Dineout)

Situated in the Connaught Circus, Bhape Da Hotel is the best place for buttery and mouth-watering Punjabi delicacies. It was in 1948 that this dhaba was set up where one could eat authentic Punjabi food. Chicken curry and dal makhni are among the best dishes of this hotel.


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