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Flywheel Bolt Torque Cummins

When looking up the tightening specification for installing the bolts that hold the flywheel or drive plate to the crankshaft I found two different values. In the engine section under "Crankshaft Oil Seal - Rear" the tightening torque given is 101 ft. lbs. In the "Automatic Transmission 47RE- Torque Specifications" chart the number given is 55 ft. lbs. One of these is a mistake; which one is right?

Flywheel Bolt Torque Cummins

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I think the bolts are M12. Need to know the class of bolt. (and materials to be fastened) Metric 12.9 (similar to our grade 8) maximum suggested tightening torque is 123 ft*lb. grade 10.9 is suggested max 106 ft*lb. grade 9.8 is suggested max 83 ft*lb.

The "Automatic Transmission 47RE" chart also gives a tightening torque for the "bolt, torque convertor" of 35 ft. lbs.. If the tightening torque is 105 ft. lbs. for eight bolts holding the flex plate to the crankshaft then you would think the 35 ft. lbs. of torque on the six bolts holding the flex plate to the convertor is to low.

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Topic Options AuthorMessage Post from the Past Posted Sunday, February 17, 2008 11:56 AM ATHS Member Group: Forum User Last Active: Monday, January 31, 2011 1:53 PM Posts: 6,558, Visits: 7,026 159,258 Cummins flywheel bolt torque JeffLipinski 08/09/07 at 11:59 PMThread Tools Welcome FrankSurber - Control Panel Logout Search New Posts AuthorComment JeffLipinskiRegistered: 03/12/07Posts: 256 08/09/07 at 11:59 PM #1________________________________________Does anyone have torque specs for the flywheel to crank bolts, pressure plate bolts, clutch housing to block, and trans bell to clutch housing? Going to put my clutch and trans in this weekend and this would be some good info to have!Engine is an NH-220, 14" clutch, rto 9513 trans in a 64 Pete 281.ThanksJeff ChrisLRegistered: 02/03/07Posts: 737 08/10/07 at 05:12 AM #2________________________________________Would it be the same as an 855? My book only has the 855's and the flywheel to crank is 200-220 ft lbs and to lube em with SAE30 oil. theakerstwo Registered: 02/10/07Posts: 371 08/10/07 at 06:13 AM #3________________________________________same bolt and flywheel i was going to go look it up but never did i have fogot but did not whant to tell some one the wrong thing and some one else come along and find thati am wrong .I have been wrong too many times and sure hate being wrong . glenn__________________glenn akers FrankSurberRegistered: 02/03/07Posts: 1,666 08/10/07 at 02:07 PM #4________________________________________ From my old manual the crank flange is the fly wheel bolts use the chart for the clutch bolts Attached Files: Copy_of_scan0001.pdf (156.43 KB, 11 views) Copy_of_scan0003.pdf (95.72 KB, 10 views) __________________the NO tech Redneck Edit Delete JeffLipinskiRegistered: 03/12/07Posts: 256 08/10/07 at 03:21 PM #5________________________________________Thanks all, this is not something I want to have to do twice! Guess I have to borrow a 3/4 torque wrench. Jeff &nbsp REPLY QUOTE LIKE 95 POST REPLY LIKE 95 Similar Topics Reading This Topic Powered By InstantForum.NET 2012 2023 Execution: 0.047. 6 queries. Compression Enabled.


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