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True Bond [Chapter 1 Part 4]

Wine that would be required under 4.45 to be covered by a certificate of origin and identity and/or a certification of proper cellar treatment and that is imported in bulk for bottling in the United States may be removed for consumption from the premises where bottled only if the bottler possesses a certificate of origin and identity and/or a certification of proper cellar treatment of natural wine applicable to the wine, issued by the appropriate entity as set forth in 4.45 and 27.140 of this chapter respectively, that provides the same information as a certificate required under 4.45(a) and (b) would provide for like wine imported in bottles. The bottler of wine imported in bulk must retain for five years following the removal of such wine from the bonded wine cellar where bottled copies of the certificates required by 4.45(a) and (b), and must provide them upon request of the appropriate TTB officer.

True Bond [Chapter 1 Part 4]

Request for overtime services in connection with entry or clearance of a vessel, including the boarding of a vessel in accordance with 4.1 shall be made on Customs Form 3171. (See 24.16 of this chapter regarding pleasure vessels.) Such request for overtime services must specify the nature of the services desired and the exact times when they will be needed, unless a term special license (unlimited or limited to the service requested) has been issued (see 4.30(g)) and arrangements are made locally so that the proper Customs officer will be notified during official hours in advance of the rendering of the services as to the nature of the services desired and the exact times they will be needed. Such request shall not be approved (previously issued term special licenses shall be revoked) unless the carrier complies with the provisions of paragraphs (l) and (m) of 4.30 regarding terminal facilities and employee lists, respectively, and the required cash deposit or bond, on Customs Form 301, containing the bond conditions set forth in 113.64 of this chapter, has been received. Separate bonds shall be required if overtime services are requested by different principals.

To explain the behavior of longer-term rates, it helps to decompose the yield on any particular bond, such as a Treasury bond issued by the US government, into three components: expected inflation, expectations about the future path of real short-term interest rates, and a term premium. At present, all three components are helping to keep longer-term interest rates low. Inflation is low and expected to remain so, so lenders are not demanding higher returns to compensate for anticipated losses in their purchasing power. Short-term interest rates are also expected to remain low, as bondholders appear pessimistic about growth prospects and the sustainable returns to capital in coming years. When short-term rates are expected to remain low, longer-term rates tend to get bid down as well.

10500. (a) This part may be cited as the Uniform District ElectionLaw. (b) As used in this part, the following definitions apply: (1) "Affected county" means a county in which any land of thedistrict or agency is situated. (2) "Director" means a member of the governing body. (3) "District" or "agency" means any district or agency of thetype designated by and formed pursuant to the provisions of anyprincipal act that incorporates this part. (4) "Elective office" means any office that may, under theprincipal act of the district or agency, be filled by way of anelection. (5) "Elective officer" means "elective officer" as defined by theprincipal act of each district or agency or if not defined, anyofficer of a district or agency holding an office that can be filledby election. (6) "General district election" means an election held pursuant tothe provisions of this part. (7) "Governing body" means the board of directors of a district oragency or the board or body which governs the activities of thedistrict or agency. (8) "Landowner voting district" means a district whose principalact requires an elector to be an owner of land located within thedistrict. (9) "Principal act" means the law providing for the creation of aparticular district or agency or type of district or agency. (10) "Principal county" means the county in which all the land inthe district or agency is situated, or if the district or agency issituated in more than one county, the county in which the greatestportion of the land in the district or agency is situated. (11) "Resident voting district" means any district other than alandowner voting district. (12) "Secretary" means the secretary of the governing body or aperson designated by him or her to perform a duty of the secretary. (13) "Supervising authority" means the board of supervisors of thecounty in which is situated all or most of the land of a district. (14) "Voter" means a voter or elector as respectively defined inthe principal act of each district or agency.10501. It is the purpose of this part to provide a procedure forthe election of elective officers of districts. These electionsshall be called and conducted and the results canvassed, returned,and declared pursuant to this part.10502. (a) This part shall apply to all districts and agencieswhose principal acts so provide. However, the provisions of thispart requiring the county elections official to conduct electionsshall apply to all resident voting districts and agencies, and, atthe discretion of the county elections official, may apply tolandowner voting districts, notwithstanding any other provision oflaw. (b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the county elections officialshall conduct an election on behalf of a landowner voting districtif the governing body of the district, by resolution, requests thatassistance and agrees to reimburse the county pursuant to Section10520 and any county ordinances or resolutions consistent therewith.A district making that request shall supply information regardingqualified voters pursuant to Section 10525, and any other pertinentinformation requested by the county elections official. The electionmay be conducted by all-mailed ballots at the discretion of thecounty elections official. The election may not be held on the samedate as a regularly scheduled election. The county electionsofficial may rely upon the list of qualified voters and otherinformation supplied by the district and shall not be required todetermine the qualified voters. If the district does not supply therequired information regarding qualified voters and other pertinentinformation requested by the county elections official within thetime specified in Section 10525, the county elections official shallhave no further obligation with respect to the election, and thedistrict shall be responsible for conducting all remaining electionactivities. (c) Where this part conflicts with the principal act, this partshall apply and control. (d) This part shall not apply to the election of elective officersof the district upon formation of the district, except as to theterm of office of the officers.10503. Where this part provides that the principal act shallgovern, and the principal act contains no provisions on the matter,the general election laws of this state shall govern. Where neitherthis part nor the principal act apply, the general election laws ofthis state shall govern.10504. Whenever this part requires the secretary of a district todeliver a notice or other information to the county electionsofficial on or before a designated date, the secretary may personallydeliver the notice or other information on or before that date, ormay deliver the notice or other information by certified mail if thenotice or other information will be received by the county electionsofficial in the ordinary course of the mails on or before thatdesignated date.10505. The terms of office of elective officers in all newdistricts shall be determined as follows: (a) If the district is formed in an odd-numbered year, theofficers elected at the formation election shall hold office untilnoon on the first Friday in December of the next followingodd-numbered year, provided officers elected at an election held onthe first Tuesday after the first Monday in November shall holdoffice as provided in subdivision (c). (b) If the district is formed in an even-numbered year, theofficers elected at the formation election shall hold office untilnoon on the first Friday in December of the second next followingodd-numbered year. (c) The directors elected at the first general district electionheld in a district and at a formation election held at the same timeas the general district election shall meet as soon as practicableafter taking office and classify themselves by lot into two classes,as nearly equal in number as possible, and the terms of office of theclass having the greater number shall be four years and the terms ofoffice of the class having the lesser number shall be two years.All other elective officers elected at the election shall hold officefor a term of four years or until their successor is elected andqualifies.10506. Whenever a district shall increase the number of divisions,if there are any, the terms of office of the offices of director thuscreated shall be determined by the governing body, but in no eventshall the term designated by the governing body be for more than fouryears. The terms of office thus created shall be determined in sucha manner as to keep as nearly equal as practicable the number ofdirectors to be elected at each subsequent general district election. Upon the expiration of the term so designated by the governingbody, the directorship shall be filled at the next general districtelection and general district elections held thereafter. The term ofoffice of each subsequent director thus elected is four years oruntil his or her successor qualifies and takes office.10507. Except as otherwise provided in this part, the term ofoffice of each elective officer, elected or appointed pursuant tothis part, is four years or until his or her successor qualifies andtakes office.10508. The principal act shall govern whether directors of adistrict are elected by divisions or by the district at large.10509. On the 125th day prior to the day fixed for the generaldistrict election, the secretary shall deliver a notice to the countyelections official. The notice shall bear the secretary's signatureand the district seal and shall also contain both of the following: (a) The elective offices of the district to be filled at the nextgeneral district election, specifying which offices, if any, are forthe balance of an unexpired term. (b) Whether the district or the candidate is to pay for thepublication of a statement of qualifications pursuant to Section13307.10510. (a) Forms for declarations of candidacy for all districtoffices shall be obtained from the office of the county electionsofficial. The county elections official may, for convenience ornecessity, authorize the district secretary to issue declarations ofcandidacy. The forms shall first be available on the 113th day priorto the general district election and shall be filed not later than 5p.m. on the 88th day prior to the general district election in theoffice of the county elections official during regular office hoursor may be filed by certified mail so that the forms reach the officeof the county election official no later than the deadline for filingin that office. The county elections official shall record the dateof filing upon the first page of each declaration of candidacy filedpursuant to this section. No candidate shall withdraw his or herdeclaration of candidacy after 5 p.m. on the 88th day prior to thegeneral district election. (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person shall notfile nomination papers for more than one district office or term ofoffice for the same district at the same election. (c) On request of the district secretary, the county electionsofficial shall provide the secretary with a copy of each declarationof candidacy filed pursuant to this section.10511. The declaration of candidacy shall be in substantially thefollowing form:I, _______________, do hereby declare myself as a candidate forelection to the office of _________________. (___ Initial hereif the office for which you are running is for the balance ofan unexpired term.) I am a registered voter.If elected, I will qualify and accept the office of _________ andserve to the best of my ability. I request my name be placed on theofficial ballot of the district for the election to be held on the___ day of ______, 20__, and that my name appear on the ballotas follows:_________________________________________________________________ (Print name above)My current residence address is_________________________________________________________________and my telephone number is ______________________________________.I desire the following occupational designation to appear on theballot under my name:_________________________________________________________________ (Print desired designation, if any, above)This occupational designation is true and in conformance withSection 13107 of the Elections Code.I am aware that any person who files or submits for filing adeclaration of candidacy knowing that it or any part of it hasbeen made falsely is punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or both,as set forth in Section 18203 of the Elections Code.I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State ofCalifornia that the foregoing is true and correct.Executed on ___________________________, 20__, at____________________________________ (Place)_______________________________________ (Signature of Candidate)10512. Each candidate shall set forth in full the oath oraffirmation set forth in Section 3 of Article XX of the CaliforniaConstitution, which shall be filed with the declaration of candidacy. The county elections official or district secretary, or a persondesignated by the county elections official or district secretary,shall administer the oath.10513. Upon filing each declaration of candidacy, the countyelections official shall examine the declaration to determine if itconforms with the provisions of this part and shall certify whetherit is sufficient. For this purpose, the elections official shall beentitled to obtain from any officer of an affected county allinformation necessary to make this determination.10514. The qualifications of a candidate for elective office, andof an elective officer, of a district shall be determined by theprincipal act of that district.10515. (a) If, by 5 p.m. on the 83rd day prior to the day fixedfor the general district election: (1) only one person has filed adeclaration of candidacy for any elective office to be filled at thatelection, (2) no one has filed a declaration of candidacy for suchan office, (3) in the case of directors to be elected from thedistrict at large, the number of persons who have filed a declarationof candidacy for director at large does not exceed the number ofoffices of director at large to be filled at that election, or (4) inthe case of directors who must reside in a division but be electedat large, the number of candidates for director at large from adivision does not exceed the number required to be elected directorat large while residing in that division; and if a petition signedby 10 percent of the voters or 50 voters, whichever is the smallernumber, in the district or division if elected by division,requesting that the general district election be held has not beenpresented to the officer conducting the election, he or she shallsubmit a certificate of these facts to the supervising authority andrequest that the supervising authority, at a regular or specialmeeting held prior to the Monday before the first Friday in Decemberin which the election is held, appoint to the office or offices theperson or persons, if any, who have filed declarations of candidacy.The supervising authority shall make these appointments. (b) If no person has filed a declaration of candidacy for anyoffice, the supervising authority shall appoint any person to theoffice who is qualified on the date when the election would have beenheld. The person appointed shall qualify and take office and serveexactly as if elected at a general district election for the office. (c) Where a director must be appointed to represent a division,all or most of which is not within the county governed by thesupervising authority, then the board of supervisors of the countywithin which all or most of that division is located shall be thebody to which request for appointment is made and which shall makethe appointment.10516. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in anydistrict or agency election, if a declaration of candidacy for anincumbent elective officer of a district is not filed by 5 p.m. onthe 88th day before the general district election, any person otherthan the person who was the incumbent on the 88th day shall haveuntil 5 p.m. on the 83rd day before the election to file adeclaration of candidacy for the elective office. (b) This section is not applicable where there is no incumbent tobe elected. If this section is applicable, notwithstanding Section10510, a candidate may withdraw his or her declaration of candidacyuntil 5 p.m. on the 83rd day before the general election.10517. Except as otherwise provided by this part, the countyelections official of each affected county shall conduct the generaldistrict election for the portion of the district located within thecounty. Where a district is located in two or more counties, thecounty elections officials of these counties may contract amongthemselves to have one of their number conduct the election for thedistrict.10518. If, within any portion of a county, only one district hasscheduled a general district election, the county elections officialmay authorize the appropriate officer of the district to perform anyof the functions required of the county elections official under thispart.10519. At the request of a district governing body, the countyelections official may perform any of the duties of the districtsecretary and the supervising authority may perform any of the dutiesof the district governing body.10520. Each district involved in a general district election in anaffected county shall reimburse the county for the actual costsincurred by the county elections official thereof in conducting thegeneral district election for that district. The county electionsofficial of the affected county shall determine the amount due fromeach district and shall bill each district accordingly.10521. Qualifications of voters of a district, the number of voteseach voter may cast, and the method of determining that number ofvotes shall be governed by the principal act of that district.10522. At least 125 days prior to the day fixed for the generaldistrict election, the secretary of a resident voting district shalldeliver to the county elections official of each affected county amap showing the boundaries of the district and the boundaries of thedivisions of the district, if any, within that county and a statementindicating in which divisions a director is to be elected andwhether any elective officer is to be elected at large at the nextgeneral district election.10523. Notwithstanding any provision in the principal act,elections shall be at large in any resident voter district in whichthere are fewer than 100 voters.10524. At least 125 days prior to the date fixed by the generaldistrict election, the secretary of a landowner voting district shalldeliver to the county elections official of each affected county amap or description of the boundaries of the district or divisions forwhich elections are to be held.10525. (a) At least 35 days prior to the date fixed for thelandowner district election, the secretary of a landowner districtfor which an election has not been canceled p


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