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For almost 30 years, Hugger Mugger bolsters have set the industry standard in performance and quality. They combine just the right amount of inner strength and stability with a comfy, soft surface that will give you years of unsurpassed service.


The Round Yoga Bolster is a great size to place under your knees in Savasana, across your lap in a Seated Forward Bend, or for support in backbending practice. Choose from a variety of beautiful, sturdy, upholstery-grade fabrics. The foam core and cotton batting will give a firm feeling to the bolster and add to the longevity of use.

A bolster is a long narrow pillow or cushion filled with cotton, down or fibre.[1] Bolsters are usually firm for back or arm support or for decorative application.[2] They are not a standard size or shape and commonly have a zipper or hook-and-loop enclosure.[2] A foam insert is sometimes used for additional support.[2] A bolster is also referred to as a cushion, a pillow and a prop.[3] A bolster pillow is a common shape for lace pillows.

In Southeast Asian countries, in particular Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand, the bolster is designed to be hugged when sleeping. In Vietnam, it is known as gối ôm ('hugging pillow') or pillowy, while in the Philippines, the traditional dantayan is also colloquially known as a 'hotdog pillow'. Cambodians call it a ខ្នយអប, which directly translates to 'hug pillow'. Malaysians call it bantal peluk ('hug pillow'), and Indonesians call it guling ('roll pillow'). In Indonesia, it is also known colloquially as a Dutch Wife. In Thailand, it is known as หมอนข้าง (monkhang); หมอน (mon) means 'pillow' and ข้าง (khang) means 'beside'.

In India and Pakistan, a type of bolster is known there as a lode (in Marathi), gao-takkiya, masnad masland, or paash-baalish/kol-baalish (in Bengali), and is used for back support aside from hugging during sleep.[5]

Bolsters are called dakimakura (抱き枕) in Japan. Tradition suggests that a wife would fashion the bolster made of bamboo and give it to her husband when he travelled away from home so that he would not be lonely at night, hence the alternative terms bamboo wife, Dutch wife, or chikufujin (竹夫人). It is believed that the pillow was invented by Dutch colonialists which is why it is also referred to as Dutch wife.[6]

In western countries, a bolster is usually placed at the head of one's bed and functions as head or lower back support, or as an arm support on furniture with high rigid sides. Bolster pillows are also used as bumpers in cribs and for lounging on the floor in family and children's rooms.

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Our Deluxe Bolsters weigh a full 9+ pounds! These bolsters are the perfect support for a number of yoga poses and should be firm enough to help you tackle those more challenging poses. Place one under the back, shoulders, and head to help open up the chest and lengthen the spine. Use one in seating poses to prevent clenching of the abdominals during forward bends.

Note: Please note that these bolsters are NOT filled with foam and because of the fluffy nature of cotton the actual measurements are slightly bigger. The measurements given above are from one seam to another. Cotton will settle over time.

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