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Guide to read Hong Kong odds ratio in football betting

You've probably heard of Hong Kong odds if you've ever been involved in football betting. However, newcomers may still not grasp what Hong Kong odds are and how to read them most accurately. Wintips will provide you with the following information high odds betting tips about these odds.

What are Hong Kong odds?

Football is one of the sports that many people are passionate about, so the odds for football betting are increasing. Among them, Hong Kong odds are a favored type of odds among players. You won't have to invest much, but the potential winnings are huge. Especially with a relatively simple and easy-to-implement betting method. Therefore, anyone can participate and earn huge profits.

If someone knows how to invest and catches the right opportunity, they will undoubtedly change their life quickly. This is one of the easiest ways to get rich nowadays when playing online betting. Betting with a Hong Kong odds ratio of 1.00 means that if you bet correctly, you win 1:1.

Distinguishing between Hong Kong odds and Asian handicap odds

According to the analysis of many experts, Hong Kong odds are relatively similar to English odds. However, they differ only in the way fractions are used. Asian handicap odds usually have odds of 1.9. This means that if you invest 10,000 VND and win, you will win 1.9×10,000 VND = 19,000 VND. In this case, you will win 9,000 VND, and 10,000 VND is your capital.

For Hong Kong odds, the odds ratio is 0.9, meaning if you bet 100,000 VND, if you win, you will receive 200,000 VND, including both capital and profit. However, if you lose, you will lose the initial 100,000 VND capital.

Strengths and weaknesses of Hong Kong odds

Every type of bet has its strengths and weaknesses:

Advantages of Hong Kong odds

Once you know what Hong Kong odds are, let's explore the advantages of this type of odds. If players choose Hong Kong odds, they will find it very easy to calculate winnings and losses after each match. These odds are openly available and widely used on all betting platforms. Players can easily recover their capital with careful analysis and calculation.

Disadvantages of Hong Kong odds

Hong Kong odds only have a few limitations in some aspects such as team selection. If you don't calculate carefully, it's very difficult to recover your capital. In fact, players may even end up losing all their money. So, be cautious and thoroughly research before betting.

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Guide on how to read and calculate the outcome of Hong Kong odds

Once you grasp what Hong Kong odds are and the advantages of this type of betting, it's essential to understand how to read the odds and calculate the outcome as follows:

Based on European odds to calculate Hong Kong odds

Calculating Hong Kong odds based on European odds is straightforward. You can apply the formula and principle as follows: Money you receive = European odds - 1. To maximize winnings, it's crucial to apply accurate prediction methods.

Calculating Hong Kong odds based on Asian Handicap odds

When calculating Hong Kong odds based on Asian Handicap odds, keep in mind the following:

Winnings = Bet amount x Betting odds.

Loss = Amount you bet.

Unbeatable strategies for predicting Hong Kong odds

After understanding what Hong Kong odds are, it's crucial to apply flexible strategies to enhance your winning chances and quickly increase profits.

Understanding the details of the betting rules

If you're new to betting, you might feel uncertain when making investment decisions. Therefore, it's essential to strengthen your knowledge before starting betting. Spending some time researching before the match begins is never wasted. Gathering information about the match is crucial to increase your chances of winning.

Placing accurate bets when choosing Hong Kong odds

It's important to determine the odds accurately. When participating in these odds, choose between one to two teams. In the event of a loss, you only lose the bet amount. If you win, you'll earn money, and in a draw, you won't lose anything. This is one of the key tips for analyzing Hong Kong odds that you shouldn't overlook.


Now that you understand what Hong Kong odds are, gamers shouldn't overlook this type of betting due to its attractiveness and high chances of winning. Players need betting tips app to comprehend the rules and accurate prediction methods to increase their chances of winning. Additionally, remember to visit reputable bookmakers for betting and avail of various offers. We're always ready to assist gamers whenever needed.


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