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How to bet on soccer odds accurately

If you are a new player and do not know how to bet on soccer odds, this is the article for you. Read carefully as we guide you through the process of soccer betting, revealing quality soccer tips for winning and top-notch advice that experienced players rarely share.

What are Soccer Odds?

Soccer odds are the betting rates (common) calculated and provided by bookmakers for players to place their bets.

Currently, there are basic types of online soccer bets such as Asian Handicap, Over/Under, Exact Score, Corner bets, etc. Each type of bet requires a different betting strategy.

How to Bet on Underdog Odds

GMNC believes that only when bettors are willing to bet on underdog odds will they truly mature in their betting skills. Here are the methods and advantages of betting on underdog odds:

Betting When the Away Team is Given a 1/4 Handicap

If the home team gives a 1/4 handicap, bettors should choose the home team.

If the away team gives a handicap, bettors should avoid betting on the underdog.

For matches on neutral ground, choose the team with the better attacking lineup.

Analyze the starting lineup, form, and scoring ability of both teams in the last five matches.

Bettors can follow the match for the first 15 minutes before placing a bet on matches with a 1/4 handicap.

Betting When the Home Team is Given a 1.5 Handicap or More

One day before the match, check if the away team (the stronger team) has a full and fit squad.

Consider the weather conditions: sunny, heavy rain, thick snow?

If the home team needs points to avoid relegation and is playing defensively, it will be difficult for the away team to win.

If the away team has a tight schedule, they might not play their best squad to allow players to rest.

If the away team has a weak defense this season and the home team scores first, the bet is likely to win.

How to Bet on Favorite Odds

When Favorite Odds Increase – Higher Handicap – Lower Winning Rate

After 10 minutes, if the score is still 0-0, the favorite odds will decrease over time. This is the time to bet on the favorite.

If the favorite odds in the first 45 minutes decrease slightly or not at all, consider betting on the first half.

In the second half, if the score remains unchanged and the favorite hasn't secured the win, continue betting on the favorite.

When Favorite Odds Decrease – Lower Handicap – Higher Winning Rate

Play with reputable online bookmakers, do not place early bets, wait for the starting lineup, and carefully analyze related factors.

It's best to avoid first-half bets, wait for the second half, and observe the score:

If the score is tied, avoid betting on the handicap. Instead, wait for the Over/Under to drop to 1 goal, then bet on Over 1. Keep an eye out for tips free and betting opportunities in the second half.

If the favorite is leading by 1 goal: Do not bet on the handicap, wait for the Over/Under to drop, and place bets around the 70th minute.

If the favorite is losing by 1 goal: Bet on the handicap if the favorite gives a 0.5 to 0.75 handicap. Watch for betting opportunities around the 70th minute and place your bets.

3. How to Bet When the Favorite is Given a Reverse Handicap

This scenario often occurs in lesser-known leagues. If you encounter this type of bet, it's best to skip it as it can be very suspicious. Even GMNC admits there's no reliable method to predict such matches.

To accurately predict the outcome of a soccer match, several factors must be considered. Besides analyzing the odds provided by bookmakers, called "odds betting," to understand the experts' predictions, players should also consider the following factors to make a final prediction:

Choosing the Appropriate Betting Odds for Each Match

Soccer tips suggest focusing on two main types of bets: Asian Handicap and European Handicap. Avoid bets like parlay bets or exact score bets, which, although they have high returns, result in losses for 90% of players in the long run.

Choosing Matches to Bet on and Thoroughly Referencing Expert Predictions

Typically, players should bet on matches involving their favorite teams or teams they understand well, as they will have better insight into external factors like play style, form, squad strength, and internal situations, making it easier to predict outcomes.

Additionally, researching team information and consulting expert predictions are important steps not to overlook. Gathering multidimensional information will increase your chances of winning.

It is also advisable not to bet on matches from amateur leagues (lesser-known leagues) as these matches are often rigged. In such cases, players cannot predict or analyze odds because the results are prearranged, making it difficult to win. For more reliable betting advice, consider following premium soccer tips to enhance your strategy.

Regularly Monitor and Update Bookmaker Odds Fluctuations

As mentioned earlier, following odds and monitoring bookmaker odds is crucial because bookmakers are often very accurate in their pre-match predictions. By tracking odds fluctuations and understanding bookmaker predictions, you can align your bets accordingly and increase your chances of winning.


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